Welcome to my blog!

Hello people, I’m Susanna and I like listening to Thai songs and K-pop.

My favourite colour is blue and aqua.

My hobbies are colouring, listening to music and taking photos.

My favourite sports are swimming and netball.

I like spending with my family and friends.

What’s your favourite colour and sport?

Comment it down below and don’t for to look at the guild line.

Enjoy my blog!

2 comments to Welcome to my blog!

  1. alannah6r says:

    hi susanna,
    my favourite colour is blue.
    and my favourite sports are netball,swimming,bastekball and gymnatics.

  2. jalina6r says:

    Hi Susanna!
    My favourite colour is green, and my favourite sport is taekwondo!
    Also, I really like your blog! Good job!

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