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Hello people, I’m Susanna and I like listening to Thai songs and K-pop.

My favourite colour is blue and aqua.

My hobbies are colouring, listening to music and taking photos.

My favourite sports are swimming and netball.

I like spending with my family and friends.

What’s your favourite colour and sport?

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Passion Project

The history of Italy/Rome.

Fun facts:

  1. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the technology to make concrete was last for 1000 years.
  2. Ancient Rome had a 4 story tall shopping mall with 150 shops and offices.

Popular sport: Rome popular sport is football (soccer)

Prime Minister: Matteo Renzi was Italy prime minister since 22 February 2014.

Bettino Craxi was the first Italy prime minister in 1983 to 1987.

Italy population (2013)

59.83 million

Italy famous people:

  1. Rose Arianna McGowan

Born: September 5, 1973

Age: 43

Famous for: American actress, film producer, director and a singer

  1. Robert Antony De Niro

Born: August 17, 1948

Age: 73

Famous for: Italian-American actor and a producer who has starred in 100 films

  1. Carla Bruni Sarkozy

Born: December 23, 1967

Age: 48

Famous for: Italian-French singer- songwriter and former model

Famous food:

Pasta, Pizza and Risotto

The No Longer Spring

Winds blowing everywhere.

It’s the first day of spring and everything has changed.

The plants are growing,

The spring air is blowing,

Everything was going well, until spring was over.

The plants are dying,

The bird are no longer flying,

Everything has disappeared,